Relationship status: Confused

I’m not sure what I get tired of being asked more… come your still single? Or who does your makeup? Both of these questions are equally ridiculous and I always respond with an awkward laugh.

First of all, I am really flattered that people think I have that much of an amazing life to have a full time makeup artist on my team. Also, I wasn’t aware of how single I am but it’s always nice to be reminded. I guess it comes with the culture you know. People assume your up to no good if you aren’t tied to someone. But I’m single by choice (hahahahaha i didn’t believe it either) and because I am already raising a human, it gives me little time to spend on this dating thing.

I am hopeless at dating. I tend to pick up stray dogs and I want to reform them and home train them only to return them to the shelter or far better where I found them. Dating was more of a sport when I was single and pre-child. I didn’t take it too seriously and I always knew each guy i dated would provided endless stories for my novel (which still is in the works). But now I’m someone’s mother and I can’t keep that hobby up. Also, dating now is so much more confusing then 10 years ago.

The last guy I dated, turned out was married. I guess looking back now, I can see how I contributed to this naive notion by not taking it serious enough to see all the red flags. But I’ve learned that mistake, no more log distance for me. The guy before that was so intense. After a month of dating he was already planning our future. I don’t know how he lasted 5 months but in the end he was to unrealistic for me. Aside from a built in filler ‘best girl friend’ for when i was busy, he had an ego and I couldn’t make the commitment of stroking it for ever.

The one before that was short and sweet, he was obsessed with his ex-wife. There were a few other quick brief dates, but none of them were remarkable. I have been divorced now for 8 years. I am also certain that my lack of enthusiasm or getting out of my comfort zone contributes to this solo life. I just think it’s exhausting and I haven’t even started have I? Dating used to be fun, it used to be about going and meeting and getting to know someone. Now it’s like a bloody job. You have to do your research, make sure they qualify for the job and do a background check with finger prints.

So basically I need to get out there and look available, smile at strangers and try not to lose my mind in the process. You can see why single life is a much safer option, you don’t have to venture out into to the real world unless you absolutely have to.



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