Try me

I am so used to wearing so many masks and trying to conform to others expectations that I haven't truly met the real me. I don't know when I started pleasing others and playing this game. All I know is, it has made me miserable. You never win when your trying to please others because no matter what you do or say, someone will always find an issue.

It's a wake up call to be aware of the masks I put on daily. If I take each one off, I'm left with a girl who doesn't really know her self. I've had these limiting beliefs about myself for all of my life, that I never got to truly develop me. My likes and dislikes where in line with others beliefs. I acted a certain way or dressed a certain way because that's what I was taught.

So now the process starts. Now I'm stripping myself raw and only stopping at my happy place. I want to know who I am? I want to know my purpose in life? And why I do the things I do. I want to know what makes me explode from joy and what drives these limiting fears. I will lean into the uncomfortable feelings because that's where I will find my route to joy.

So I say this to myself…….try me! Give yourself a chance and see what happiness is to you.



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