A letter to love

Dear love,

I have been looking for you all my life. Some days I thought I found you and other days I kept running through the streets looking for you. I looked for you in my mothers eyes and in my fathers touch. When I read of you in books, I made sure to keep you a live in my dreams till I would be lucky enough to meet you. I saw you in all the happy couples around me. I slept every night praying just to find a little bit of you in every guy I met. I kept hope of you a live even in my darkest of days.

But today I realized I would never get to see you or be around you. Today’s when he told me he was getting married, you turned your back on me. Like that time I asked and prayed to have him back. You chose to visit someone else and not me. You chose to give me a false sense of security. Society says that everyone will experience you. They just don’t mention those who are not fortunate enough to have you.

So today I will no longer long or want or need you. Today you and hope are no longer welcome in this life of mine. I will be contempt. I will never search for you or pray Day in and day out just to have you near. Love, you have betrayed and abandoned me. You gave me false hope and for that I hate you. You have taken joy away but in time I will learn to live without you. It will be hard but no harder than all those years you broke those promises.

So I guess all that is left is to close my heart and never let you in. For if I do, I will be sure to regret every moment of it.

Goodbye love.



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