My aha moment…..


I agree that sometimes I get caught up in what I don’t have and who I’m not with. I know life isn’t exactly perfect but I forget that I already have a great life. I’m just too busy focusing on things that I let weight me down. My weight is temporary, it’s a reflection of how my current mood has been. With every perceived rejection I have been padding myself with food. I have allowed to let myself feel like I am not worthy.

But then this morning, after talking myself into yet another disappointment about my current relationship and body status, I realized that I don’t have to feel this way. What if I could just choose to be happy and see the positive in this amazing life that I have, instead of nit picking my flaws and short comings. What if I don’t waste time thinking of all that could go wrong and what I don’t have. I started to then make a list of the great things I have going for me now and I started to slowly feel a lot better.

I am human, I’m bound to have slip ups where self-pity will be the only thing that can keep me company. But I’m also resilient and very resourceful. I know what makes me happy and what a good mantra can do to improve my outlook on life. I’m not going to let another day go by without seeing my blessings. The way I feel this morning, I have not felt in a long time. It’s exhausting being down and seeing what I don’t have. I just need to tap in to what brings me great joy and living my fantasy life. I can be the best and better version of myself……I just needed to snap out of this funk and see the light and love in my life.




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