A new day

Today was the beginning of my new life. If you new my last life, you may not have seen any differences unless you looked very close at my thoughts. Today I made it a point to write how I felt every time I thought about food. I looked and searched at my thoughts hard. 

I didn’t really realize until today how much energy I spent on thinking about food, obsessing about food and leaning to food. Just being conscious of my thoughts was a big eye opener. When I was in a stressful situation after lunch and I began thinking of the worst outcome, I had this tension in my shoulders and that’s when the food thoughts were running through my head. I needed something to eat so I could go back to being numb again. Instead, i took a deep breath and wrote on a sticky note my fears and my positive self talk. I was surprised at how my mood started to come back up to normal. Another thing I made sure to do….is eat my food slowly and with purpose. Before I didn’t really pay attention to all the flavors or textures of the food I put in my mouth. Instead it was all about just filling myself up with anything until I couldn’t feel any emotion. Today I actually felt full at lunch and a bit exhausted chewing my lunch.

I know today was a good day. A day when I have yet to have a binge episode. But everybody has to start somewhere and just being aware of the effect my emotions has on how much I consume food was a small victory today. I don’t plan to get rid off this excess body weight over night, but one day at a time.

Day one of my new life….we’re I’m no longer addicted to food and I can have a meal because I’m hungry and not just because I’m suffocating my emotions.




  1. PattiP0414 · February 4, 2016

    Day One = SUCCESS! It is all about the Baby Steps!

    Congratulations on a super successful day! Be VERY proud of your first steps!! 🙂

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