Just a thought

  Here are a few thoughts of mine this morning. I needed to write them down so that maybe I will actually follow through with them. Here goes it…..

When a married guy from your past all of a sudden reaches out to you and says he wants to connect…….don’t. Ignore the constant texts and emails. He is someone else’s now and you my dear are not a girl who flirts with married men.

When the guy you really like lies to you and he continues to lie even after you confronted him, don’t you dare think about over looking this “minor” incident. You deserve better than someone who is willing to lie to you this early.

When your ex invites you over to just hang. Read the actual meaning behind that word and don’t give off mixed feelings so he thinks he actually has a shot. Can’t a girl just watch scandal without having a tongue shoved down her throat.

So remember last night when you were on M’s couch and you thought that just maybe tonight he will see how beautiful and fun you are and he will want to be in a relationship with you? But instead he wanted to sleep with you and mid make out session you actually had tears in your eyes because you felt so f’ing terrible. Well love, that is a sign that this guy doesn’t deserve your time let a lone the right to kiss you.

Perhaps now is the time to let go of all the ex’s and ‘Friends’ who don’t act like friends. Looking for love or happiness with them is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Let’s focus on ourselves and see what happen. When he’s ready, he walk into your life and stay for good.

Sometimes, a little self talk is all a girl needs to keep moving ahead.



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