I can’t decide wether I’m more disappointed or annoyed that he lied to me. I want nothing more to confront him about it, but that’s not who I am. I’m not confrontational and I don’t do awkward situations. Instead I step back and disappear.

So this past weekend I had plans with guy Jay. We were supposed to go to bowling and to the movies afterwards. I texted him around 5pm that evening to ask what time we were meeting up. He texted back and said 8pm. Somewhere around 7ish I got a call from Jay, saying his mom in DC had a stroke and he’s going to cancel on me and how sorry he was. He was on his way to the airport to catch the flight he just booked, which was departing at 7:44pm. I told him not to worry and of course I understand, his mothers well being is definitely a reason to cancel a date. I told him to text me when he landed  and that was that. 

He texted me around 1am to let me know he got there safe and that he was again sorry for cancelling on me last minute and that he would make it up to me. I wasn’t upset or anything. I texted him Sunday to check on his mom and he said she was paralyzed on one side of her body and that he was just stressed from the whole situation. I really felt for him and was praying she would be ok. So Monday I texted him briefly, then on Tuesday midday he said he just got back into town and that he was on his was back to work.

I didn’t have a real conversation with him till last night. He seemed fine about his mom and aside from me asking how she was, he never mentioned her. So today, I was out with a friend for lunch and I was telling her about Jay. She wanted to see his pic so I went on his Facebook page to show her. That’s when I saw the picture he took Tuesday night. The caption on the pic said ‘just leaving work at 12am’. I clicked on the comment and saw that he said ‘Monday was crazier because i did 18hrs trying to resolve that customer issue’. So I was confused, if he didn’t get back into town till around noon on Tuesday, how did he work 18hrs on Monday. But that wasn’t it. The kicker is…..his mom commented on the pick. When I looked at her profile, she had posts from Sunday and Monday about going to places with friends. Not someone who had a stroke Saturday night!!!!!!!!

Who lies about this? Who makes up this big of a lie to get out of a date. Again, I’m really confused as to how I should feel about this. Why would he lie like that? Ugh!!! I swear the minute I like someone, they prove me wrong.




  1. emmagc75 · October 9, 2015

    Wow! That is definitely one of the most disturbing and unforgivable things I’ve ever heard of!!! Sorry but he’s just a complete dirtbag. Hope ur ok.


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